List of Board of Directors of JPCL (GENCO-I), Jamshoro

Name of Directors
1 Mr. Ghulam Ali Shah Pasha  (Chairman/Director)
2 Mr.Salim Ahmed Mughal  (Director)
3 Mr.Saif Ullah . (Director)
4 Mr. Akhtar ali Randhaawa (Director)
5 Mr.Iftikhar Aziz . (Direcot /CEO, JPCL)

List of Management of JPCL (GENCO-I), Jamshoro

S.No    Name Designation
1 Mr.Iftikhar Aziz                                                                                            Chief Executive Officer
2 Mr.Shams Ul Arfin Chief Financial Officer
3 Mr.Iftikhar Aziz /(Coal Power Project JPCL) Chief Engineer/Project Director 
4 Mr. Ayoub Ansari Chief Engineer/Technical Director
5 Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon Plant Manager (Operation)
6 Mr.Khuda Bux Khushk Plant Manager (Maintenance)
7 Mr Fuzail Usmani Plant Manager (GTPS Kotri)
8 Mr. Jameel Ahmed Nizamani Human Resource Manager

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